Who are we

Haribol was founded in May 2012. We’re a bunch of friends with shared commitment to accomplishments. We’re tech lovers, joke makers, cat owners, card game players, and above all, mission carriers. We start small but we aim big, that is for everyone to have a enjoyable digital life, without boundaries between the goals you chase and the tools you take.

We are currently focusing on smartphone accessories. We started with charging cables, what everyone would need and yet hardly realize that they can be better. This is what we do, keep digging in details and changing your perspectives. Check out the released products, or stay tuned for what’s next by following our Facebook and Twitter!

Contact us

General inquiries & any stuff

You can email to support@haribol-tech.com  If you have specific needs, such as wholesale & retail, product review, or press release, you can use the email address given below.



We accept wholesale & retail inquiries in  the US and Europe.  Any parties who are interested please contact tina@haribol-tech.com.

Product review & Press release

We welcome active tech lovers on the internet to review our products. If you’re a tech lover and have your own blog or Youtube channel, and have interest in our products, please contact pr@haribol-tech.com For editorial inquiries, you can also write to this email address







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