Frequently Asked Questions

Lightning to USB Cable 3.3ft/1m 6.6ft/2m  Orange

Question: Does this cable have warranty?
Answer: Each Haribol Lightning to USB Cable comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. We do not anticipate any problems, but if you do encounter with any problems, please contact us as soon as possible. We will reply to your request within 24 hours.

Question: What is the length of Haribol cable?
Answer: We have 3ft to 10ft, and approximately 1m which is long enough for daily use.

Question: Does Haribol Lightning cable can work on the iPhone x with the phone cover ?
Answer: No problem. You can use Haribol Lightning to USB Cable to charge and sync your iPhone x with the cover.

Question: how does the the lifetime warranty work?
Answer: When you order the cable and fill up the warranty registration form on Haribol’s official website, you’ll receive an email explaining that if you have any issues, you can reply the email for help. We would recommend that you save the email for future need.

Lightning to USB Cable 6.5ft/2m White

Question: Does it work with the newest update ios 9?

Answer: Yup!

Question: Is it longer than the original Apple cable?
Answer: It’s twice as long as the original Apple cable. Measuring 6.6 feet (2 meters) in length.

Question: Is this product better than other mfi cable?…i don’t want to have a defective cable after a couple of months…
Answer: The Haribol Quality Control makes sure that every cable has been tested on 3 different Apple devices before the cable is sent to you. Therefore, you will not be receiving a defective cable that only last for months. Please notice your purchase will also be protected by Haribol Lifetime Warranty policy. Simply contact us for replacement if anything goes wrong.

Question: What are the dimensions of the head ?
Answer: Its the same as an iphone 5-6 cable.

Lightning to USB Cable 3.3ft/1m 6.6ft/2m 10ft/3m Nylon

Question: How long is this one? Thank you.
Answer: about 3.3ft 6.6ft and 10ft

Question: Can anyone tell me if this charges iPads well?? Thx!
Answer: Yes, it was for my iPad.

Question: Can it withstand heavy usage?
Answer: The Haribol nylon-braided cable is designed for heavy usage. The nylon-braided jacket and aluminum shell will fully protect your cable from any possible damage in daily usage.

Question: Will this work with an iPad mini 4? other than the lead that came in original box, I’m getting minimal or no charge from other cables. 
Answer: It should do, I’ve got a 6 plus and it’s really funny with cables. I’ve bought a few of them and got the “not supported” message. No problems with this one though. Hope that helps 🙂

Question: Will this cable work when iPhone has a silicone case on?
Answer: It does with mine.

Question: Does this cause the prompt “this is not a genuine accessory”? Or what ever it says.
Answer: Not on my granddaughters IPhone 5c. Works perfectly.

Question: How do I make a warranty claim, their email address no longer works?
Answer: Please notice that your purchase is guaranteed by Haribol Lifetime Warranty policy. Simply read the instructions and find contacts on our warranty card and make your warranty claim. Prompt response within 24 hrs.

Question: My genuine Apple cable gets sticky and discolored after used, is this one better?
Answer: The Haribol nylon cable is completely shielded by nylon jacket which will remain clean and neat even after long-time used. Please don’t worry about any issue about getting sticky and discolored.



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